Time of the Darkness
by Grey Wolf

Time of the Darkness Alternate History ⁄ Science Fiction by Grey Wolf
Published by Wolfian Press
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1490571713
ASIN (Kindle) : B00E7VD8NO

In an alternate history, decolonisation of the Americas follows a vastly different timeline, and the British royal family remains pre-eminent in world affairs.

Competing with a Bonaparte Byzantium and a French Empire under the Murats, the Saxe-Coburg British fight on an equal footing for recognition and influence.

Follow 1400 years of history, from an alternate 1900 to the galactic empire of 3300AD where humanity inadvertently reawakens a terror that the elder races believed long dead.

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The cover for Time of The Darkness is from a specially-commissioned painting by East London artist Derek Roberts

It depicts one of the closing scenes from the book in a somewhat fanciful way, harking back to the classic Science Fiction covers of the 1950s where the cover is something of an allegory on the story, rather than a fully accurate depiction of a scene from the novel.