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AHF Magazine AHF Magazine is an exciting new quarterly publication focused upon Alternate History, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Steampunk, Historical Fiction and real History.

AHF Magazine is Open Submission and does not claim copyright for any material used. Short stories, flash fiction, interviews, features, reviews, articles all wanted.
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AHF Welcomes RF Dunham AHF bids a hearty welcome to RF Dunham, the latest author to be featured on our website. With no fees, no obligation and no cost AHF exists to promote books in the genre all in one place so that readers can find them.

RF Dunham is the author of 'The Other Side of Hope. Read all about him and his book here:- RF Dunham's page at AHF

Guest Bloggers Welcome at AHF The blog here at AHF is now open to authors to write their own blog posts. These can be on anything you wish - your latest novel, character development, setting, experiences in publishing, what inspires you, your work environment, whether you have a cat, or anything you are involved in that readers would find interesting.
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Author Interviews at AHF AHF is happy to interview authors, artists, bloggers and website owners in the genre. You don't have to famous, or even published.
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