Never The Dawn
by Grey Wolf

Never The Dawn Alternate History by Grey Wolf
Published by Wolfian Press
ISBN (Paperback) : 978-1491040836   ‡   ASIN (Kindle): B00FK5A4NS

Never The Dawn takes place in an alternate world where the Earth is divided up between several competing empires. Within one of these, Albion, strange events are beginning to manifest themselves, not least on the battlefront in West Africa.

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The cover for Never The Dawn was commissioned from East London artist Derek Roberts.

It is a montage of scenes from the novel, including the Lights attacking the tanks of Albion, an airship and a bi-plane, in an African setting.

To the right is one of the design studies for the painting for Never The Dawn by Derek Roberts. It was done digitally on a tablet, to get a feel for the shape and texture of the kind of tanks and bi-planes featured in the story.

To the left are the ebook covers for Never The Dawn, showing alternative arrangements of the title information. It was felt unfortunate that the paperback design necessitated placing the text box over an important part of the artwork, so in the ebook versions alternative placing was used. To the left is the Kindle cover, and to the right that at Smashwords.