Jacob Rees-Mogg said that the Tory government “absolutely” should “not” act to deal with inequality, that it was not the mission of the government to do so.

That is what I find most difficult to understand about these hard right bastards, even the Nazis had a vision of equality even if it was a perverted one.

The idea that inequality is no priority, that it should just be, this is pure Tory Evil. Its the pushing down of the weakest to keep them there. Its the destruction of life chances. Its the repealing of laws to help them. It is everything that this utter scum Tory government is going full throttle to do.

I cannot conceive of any moral reason how if you rule or govern a country you decide to fuck over half the population.

I was asked by a friend why I did not think Trump was right when he was saying that he was a successful businessman and thus would make a good president. I pointed out that in business you have a closed circuit of employees, but in government you could not fire the poor. You had to help them, which is not business ideology.

These Tories have taken Trump’s idiocy and made of it a mantra for government, that you CAN fire the poor, eject them from the body politic, you can demonise them, destroy their life chances.


And if twats like Rees-Mogg cannot get that through their aristocratic thick heads, then the whole system needs a thorough cleaning out from top to bottom


Winds of Change
5th November 2015

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