Elsewhen Press Elsewhen Press is a small independent publisher specialising in Speculative Fiction. Based in the UK, in the South East of England, we publish titles in English in print and electronic editions. We love books, so we pride ourselves on the quality of our own books, not only in terms of the content (which is down to the Authors of course, although our editors feel they deserve some recognition too!), but also in terms of the quality of the finished book (the cover, layout, feel, smell, longevity and all those other qualities - tangible and intangible - that together define the final product that you hold in your hand) including electronic editions that are ultimately constrained by the features of the e-reader that you are using.

We published our first title in November 2011, and in 2016 we will have reached our 50th title from a roster of 35 authors! These include alternate history series such as Christopher Nuttall's fantasy Royal Sorceress series, Tanya Reimer's Sacred Land Story series, David A. Colón's The Lost Men, J.A. Christie's SmartYellow™; alongside epic fantasy such as Christopher Nuttall's bestselling and award-winning Bookworm series and Peter R. Ellis' Evil Above the Stars series, space opera such as Zoë Sumra's Sailor to a Siren, science fiction such as Douglas Thompson's Entanglement and Dave Weaver's The Black Hole Bar, sci-fi satire such as Ira Nayman's hilarious Transdimensional Authority series, Mike French and Karl Brown's innovative novel/graphic-novel hybrid An Android Awakes and many others across the whole gamut of speculative fiction.

Purple Unicorn Media Purple Unicorn Media is a Nielsen-registered publishing company, owning its own ISBNs, and sending Legal Deposit copies to the National Libraries in the British Isles.

PUM's catalogue includes the alternate history novel 'Shadows of The Future' by Jay Wolfe. Outside of the genre, they have published poetry collections, short story collections, diaries and memoirs.

Wolfian Press Wolfian Press is a self--publishing marque that helps aspiring authors into print, as well as publishes magazines.

Wolfian Press has published several alternate history novels by Grey Wolf, and the first 10 issues of Innovate Magazine, which featured the occasional alternate history story. They now publish The Wolfian magazine, which mixes politics, poetry, art and fiction, including alternate history.